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Top 4 Most Played Arcade Games In The 80’s


One of the most exciting things about growing up in the 80’s was arcade games. That one place where kids could spend the whole day with time going by swifter than it ever did elsewhere. By just inserting a quarter on the machine, one could get access to the amazing world of outer space and explore maze patterns. New games popped up almost every day and each were loved and hated. But some were more loved than others. Here is a look at the top 4 most played arcade games of the 80’s.

Ms.Pac Man

This was a sequel to the original Pac Man released in 1982 by Midway Manufacturing Co. This was one of the non-violent games that was meant to draw the attention of the female. It came with four maze designs and included a bouncing fruit and an orange ghost which was the favorite of many. This ghost would occasionally move which made the game a little more challenging. It was one of the most played games of the time so much so that it was finally discovered that the game’s 256th level was impossible to complete.


This was the very first game that was made from movie. So, this would mean that all kids who loved the Disney movie, Tron, would love this game. They did love it and played it countless times. It had 4 subgames namely spiders, tanks, cycles and breakout style watch. The game was actually more successful in terms of sales.

Star Wars

Released in 1983, this arcade game was based on the Star Wars movie six year s after the movie hit the theatres. The game play involves operating the X-wing fighter owned by Luke in the movie. The player needs to operate this fighter and take it through several levels. It is a nerve-recking game which must be why so many people liked and still do like it.


It was a very challenging game at the time it was released in 1980. The player was required to use a joystick and five buttons to explore the game, search and rescue. Inspired by Space Invaders and Asteroids games this game combined color, high energy and a good challenge. One had to defend the planet from invading aliens and prevent it from exploding among other challenges. It was quite engaging to say the least. It was this complexity that drew many players to the game and in turn it made tonnes of money.